Wellness therapy ~ providing a balance to hectic work and family schedules 
Building a healthy and pain free life

Our team of physios, sports therapists and massage therapists can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.
Improvements can be made to cardio-vascular, balance, posture, movement, flexibility & co-ordination, and strength.
We can also contribute to weight loss programs.
With simple non-invasive testing we can assess your needs and provide practical solutions.

We can help

We all know the benefits of exercise and a healthy lifestyle to promote wellbeing and quality of life.
Many of us have become locked into hectic work and family schedules.
Although we recognise our fitness or weight isn’t where it should be we lack the time or expertise to address the issues.

Our physiotherapists are ideally placed to supervise your program ensuring it is tailored to your needs and medical history.
Our associate  sports therapists and personal trainers are available to design and supervise exercise regimes designed specifically for you in collaboration with your physiotherapist .

Our Health & Fitness Programs

Professional personalised supervised Health and Wellbeing programs.

Available as a stand alone service, or in conjunction with our other physio services.

Our associate independent qualified sports therapists who are highly trained in rehabilitation and exercise therapy will devise a program suitable for your fitness goals taking into account your personal medical history and with the guidance of your physiotherapist.

This is a comprehensive service taking you from assessment to identify areas of weakness or concern, addressing such areas through lifestyle advice and exercise prescription including personal training and supervision if needed, monitoring progress and re-testing to ensure you have met your goals.

How It Works
In order to get a base line of your fitness, your strengths and weaknesses and your physical needs we carry out a simple but comprehensive assessment. The tests are carried out at the clinic by one of our qualified sports therapists who have been specifically trained + for your comfort we have both male and female clinicians.

Your Health and Fitness program

Our initial assessment includes
  • Review  of your current musculo-skeletal health
  • Review of your past medical history.
  • Standard fitness tests including Blood Pressure, Body Mass Index, Lung function tests
  • Standard musculo-skeletal tests to assess flexibility, core strength and balance
Your results will be analysed and used to produce a Health Passport – A report that allows you and your therapist to assess your fitness and identify areas of concern or weakness. Our clinicians can then devise an exercise program for you specific to your needs as identified in the assessment. In this way you have concrete measures that when re-tested in the future allow you and your therapist to assess your progress and to ensure your program is meeting your individual needs.

We help our patients to live a healthy and pain free life

This is a personal and very flexible service and can range from one or two appointments to weekly tailored personal training sessions – It’s your lifestyle choice

Something for every level of fitness


Our certified and fully qualified massage therapists offer a range of services including sports massage, Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. Massage provides recognised benefits improving blood flow, tissue flexibility, relaxation and promoting wellbeing.


Dynamic Movement Training is an exciting and brand new form of exercise incorporating pilates and core work, yoga techniques and techniques drawn from dance training. It develops your cardio vascular fitness, core and peripheral strength, balance and posture. We are the first clinic in the U.K. to offer individual and class based sessions. DMT can be taught as a home exercise program or you can attend classes with a qualified tutor. - read more  

Pre-participation Sports Massage

Our specialist sports masseur Sam Gittins BSc offers a new service for weekend sports people.
Treat yourself like a pro with a pre-event sports massage to loosen up muscles and tight tissues and enhance your performance.

Clinical Pilates

Specifically designed for patients with a history of spinal or related musculo-skeletal problems our specialist physiotherapist will work with you on a one to one basis to maximise safety and help you reach your potential.

Personal Training & Gym Supervision

Our highly qualified independent sports therapists are able to devise and supervise personal training programs.  Flexibility is the key - for those who exercise in the gym our therapists are able to attend your gym with you to check your technique and program or can see you at the clinic or in your own home.

E-Stim Therapy

Our clinicians use sophisticated biofeedback and electrical stimulation units for a variety of conditions including toning, muscle re-education, strengthening, pain relief and promotion of circulation.

Periodic re-testing of your fitness measures will allow you to gauge your progress and meet your fitness and lifestyle goals. Our clinicians can be involved as much or as little as you require – It’s your lifestyle choice, from periodic update sessions to weekly personal training we can help.


Walking , Running & Cycling groups

Many of us would like to get more active but don’t quite know how to get started. We are currently developing a new service provided by our qualified therapists.

Our Walking , Running & Cycling groups are all aimed at beginners who want to exercise with people of similar experience and ability. Typically the groups operate once a week and begin with supervised routes.
Sessions are FREE
if you've had one of our Health & Fitness Assessments
Otherwise its just £ 3.00 per session


We specialise in personalised and professionally supervised health and wellbeing programs for children and young people.

Young people with health and fitness issues including weight problems, orthopaedic history, neurological history including lack of co-ordination, balance and proprioception, hypermobility syndromes etc can all benefit from our program.
We run a unique service which starts with an assessment with one of our specialist physiotherapists to fully ascertain your child’s medical history and specific problems. This is followed up by a simple but comprehensive assessment in order to get a base line of your child’s fitness, strengths and weaknesses and physical needs. The tests are carried out at the clinic by one of our independent qualified sports therapists who have been specifically trained.
Kids Club is open to both Individuals and Teams.

Health and fitness assessment                £ 55

This includes


Physiotherapy Assessment                       Review of medical history and physical assessment

Health & Fitness Assessment                   Provision of Health Passport


Standard Tests Included                           Lung function tests, Body weight and BMI, Strength, flexibility, + balance tests

Follow up assessment sessions                £25     Includes all exercise programs, lifestyle advice and any standard individual re-tests required – re-tests are usually performed for areas of concern identified during assessment


Personal Training Session                         £ 25                40 minute session

DMT individual session      *                      £ 25                40 minute session

DMT class session                                       £ 8                  1 hr class


*DMT is a new form of exercise that combines pilates, yoga, core work and exercise drawn from dance training. It enhances movement control, balance, proprioception, strength and flexibility and is ideal for young people.

Clubs and Teams - access 20% saving by joining our Kids Club today

Wellness Fees

If you have specific concerns or requirements we also offer enhanced tests

Enhanced Testing             Cholesterol, blood lactate             £  please call to enquire

Massage                      20 min £18                 40 min      £ 34                     60 min £ 42

Pre-participation Sports Massage  20 min £18 / 30 min £22 ( Saturday Mornings)

DMT ( personal session )              £ 9      60 min class session ( block of 6 - £54)

£ 35       one2one session         60 min     ( one2one block of 6 - £180)

Clinical Pilates ( class session )       £ 55 one2one session with specialist physio - 60 min

Personal training / gym supervision                   £ 25         30 min            £35                 60 min

E Stim                                                                        £ 30                20 min session