Dynamic Movement Training

DMT is a new approach to working out and keeping fit

A unique fusion of core work, yoga and aerobic
exercise that develops your fitness and physique

Founder Peter Gallagher, professional dancer and former international swimmer, defines DMT as….intelligent exercise

How many times have you tried to perform an exercise and found that you have insufficient fitness or lack flexibility, strength or muscular control ?

DMT not only trains the body to develop these qualities but also develops an appreciation of posture and how the body and its interconnected anatomical systems truly work.

You advance your fitness and your body becomes a more efficient machine with economy of movement, improved poise and posture, balance and strength which has been described as physical intelligence.

Enjoy pilates or yoga…
but are looking for something a little more dynamic?
Want to…
to control your weight, to develop and tone your body and improve your fitness?

DMT is for you!

Our carefully designed and graded system gives people of all levels of ability theopportunity to participate in a wonderful new form of exercise.

DMT can be conducted as a One2One or Class session.

(DMT is provided by Peter Gallagher as an independent enterprise, and is not part of Prestwich Physiotherapy)


DMT 60 mins Class session  £ 9      ( block of 6 – £54)

DMT 60 mins One2One session  £35     ( One2One block of 6 – £180)

For Children with medical issues such as hypermobility and movement disorders
or for those who simply want to get fitter and lose weight

For Seniors with balance, mobility or coordination problems

For Patients following surgery or as part of a back care or rehabilitation program

For Athletes as part of a training program

For further information & Booking
Phone Peter Gallagher on 0161 724 0422

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