An explanation of our service.  Taking good care of our customers and providing a high quality professional service is paramount to us.  We treat all of our patients with professionalism and dignity regardless of their ethnicity, religion, age or sexual orientation.  Our privacy policy is available on request and can also be viewed on our website www.physioclinics.co.uk.  We respect the privacy of every individual who uses our service or visits our website www.physioclinics.co.uk where our terms and conditions can also be viewed.  Our physiotherapists use a range of modern treatment approaches and sessions last 20-30 minutes.

Fees are levied for the service provided not simply for the time taken and some treatments may be completed in less than our standard 30-minute appointment allocation.  We cannot guarantee results, but treatment will only be undertaken if there is a reasonable possibility of success.  In the event of non-response to treatment we will provide the appropriate advice or onward medical or specialist referral.

Registration:  In order to comply with our professional regulation, we need to take personal information to form your physiotherapy notes.

Consent:  We are required to gain your consent for physiotherapy assessment, treatment and correspondence.

Correspondence with your G.P. or referring agency:  Should you consent we normally correspond with your G.P, medical specialist or referring agency to ensure all involved in your medical care are fully informed and that you received the best possible care.  If you hold medical insurance, we may have a contractual obligation to provide details regarding your care.  You may decide not to give such permissions and our registration forms allow for this.  In certain circumstances we may not be able to provide our service if consent for medical correspondence is not provided.  Should this situation arise it will be fully explained to you.

Our contact with you:  If you elect to provide your contact details you have agreed that we can use them to advise of service or appointment issues.  Your mobile number allows us to send you an appointment reminder by text.  You are not obliged to provide these details but please be aware that we cannot then be held responsible for missed appointments or non-notification of service issues such as staff sickness, business interruption etc.

Our payment and cancellation policy:  The treatment fee is payable at the end of each treatment session at reception where we accept cheques and all major credit and debit cards. We have a four hour cancellation policy for clinic sessions and 24 hours for home visits.  To cancel early morning appointments we have a 24 hour answering service 0161 773 3034, you may also cancel by email prestwich@physioclinics.co.uk .  We have made every effort to provided reasonable terms hence please note that we do make a charge for all missed appointments or late notice cancellation.  Our current fees are posted on the clinic notice boards and in reception and on our website www.physioclinics.co.uk

Assessment:  Prior to potential treatment your physiotherapist will need to undertake a musculoskeletal assessment to determine the nature of your problem.  The physiotherapist will ask relevant questions relating to your problem or injury and any functional activities you have difficulty with.  The second part of the assessment will involve an assessment of musculoskeletal health and functional ability.  During the assessment physical touching and positioning of your body may be required and you may be required to partially undress.  If you do not feel comfortable with this you can elect to discontinue at any time, but we may then not be able to provide our service in this circumstance.  Your physiotherapist will explain each step of the assessment to you.  On occasion you may suffer some post assessment discomfort as a result of the examination and tests which need to be performed but your physiotherapist will not ask you to perform any test that is contra-indicated to your injury/condition.  You may elect to bring a chaperone with you and to request a male or female clinician.

Treatment :  After your initial assessment a course of physiotherapy treatment may be required.  Your physiotherapist will discuss this with you and explain the possible treatment approaches and techniques.  Your physiotherapist will conduct the treatment that is clinically appropriate to your condition and we will not undertake treatment unless there is a reasonable chance of improving your condition.  It is common to experience some residual discomfort after physiotherapy or in some cases superficial bruising after treatment.  For certain treatment techniques such as acupuncture you may be asked to sign an additional consent form.

Children and vulnerable adults : our reporting obligations and chaperone conditions:  All young people under the age of 18yrs or vulnerable adults must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times in the clinic who must also provide appropriate consent for treatment and correspondence.  We have a duty to report to the appropriate authorities suspected non- accidental injury or suspected abuse to, or neglect of, any of our patients.

Consent & consumer rights: When you Register with us and sign our consent forms, you are agreeing to undertake the initial assessment and subsequent treatment, consent to the release of personal data and medical information gained during registration and assessment to your general practitioner, referring consultant or agency.  Our terms do not affect your statutory consumer rights.

Covid 19 policy:  We ask for our patients understanding during this difficult period.  We are obliged to follow the regulations of the public health England for medical settings and our covid mitigation procedures remain in place for safety of our patients, staff and visitors.

Our clinical staff will continue to work in PPE for your protection.  Masks remain a respectful request for all visitors to the practice to protect our staff and other patients.  Social distancing should be observed when practicable.  All visitors must sanitise their hands on entering the practice via the gel or washing facilities provided and are requested for their own safety to sanitise on leaving.

 Exempt or not following guidelines:

If you have a medical exemption or do not wish to wear a mask this should be stated when booking your appointment. Our staff will normally still see you unless there is an issue flagged up on your telephone coronavirus screen. At this time children are not expected to wear a mask.

If you do not wish to sanitise your hands or have obvious symptoms of a cold or virus without evidence of a negative lateral flow or PCR test we cannot allow access to the building and your appointment will be cancelled.

If we cannot see you face to face we will offer you a virtual session to ensure you receive appropriate care.