Do you want to go for a ride?

Sid and Paul have entered the Epic West Coast Classic Sportive on Sunday 18th June. The event is 97 miles of cycling but we expect they will make up the additional 3 miles to take it into triple figures!

If you are interested in running or cycling and would like to enter an event with a familiar, friendly face contact the clinic and let us know your discipline, time frame for training and distance and we may be able to make a recommendation and compete with you.

With some events you can attract discounts entering as a group, car sharing is an option and you will have the added bonus of free physio advice on the way round!

Of course, if the mind is willing but the flesh is injured, we have graded treatment and rehabilitation programs, sports massage and exercise classes that can take you from the couch to the finish line in record time!

If there is enough interest it is likely we will start a regular run and cycle meet from the clinic.