Whether you are following your dream ~ have set yourself a challenge
~ or just want to stay fit... we can help

Our Approach

We have a holistic approach to sports injury. Not only do we treat and rehabilitate our patients back to sport but our injury prevention specialists focus on causative factors and movement errors and crucially movement control.

Abnormal movement including poor initiation strategies, poor landing technique, lack of connected control of the bodies core and periphery all lead to injury. Our clinicians are experienced at identifying associated physical limitations such as inadequate balance and proprioception, flexibility or strength which when combined with movement error lead to reduced performance and increased injury risk

Our Services for Athletes

Our Physiotherapists have specialist training and a keen interest in sports physiotherapy.
They have provided services at many and varied sporting events including major athletic games.
Our principal Sid Ahamed formerly managed the Manchester City F.C. sports injuries clinic for over ten years. He also sat on the primary care committee for the Commonwealth Games Manchester 2002.

Outside of their professional area our teams collective sporting experience is impressive having between them competed at club, county, regional, national and international level !
This gives them a balanced view of sports injury from both the professional and the athletes' view.

We have been treating sportsmen and women for over 25 years

From the weekend warrior to the elite athlete we have helped thousands of athletes through treatment, injury prevention programs and sports specific rehabilitation.

Our expertise in sports injury, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation has led to our teaching and educational roles.
Lecturing throughout the U.K. to sports medicine doctors, physiotherapists, coaches and other sporting professionals.
Our principal physiotherapist, Sid Ahamed, has taught at undergraduate and postgraduate level, nationally and internationally, including to...