Medical Insurance Claims

Insurance rules have changed significantly over the last twelve months and our new policy is designed to help you with the process.

You can only pay for physiotherapy treatment via your medical insurance once your claim has been authorised by them.
Insurance companies will not generally back date claims and it would be fraudulent to alter treatment dates on an invoice.

If you have not pre-authorised a claim you simply need to pay for any treatment received until such time that your claims is authorised at which time terms can be extended. We can provide receipts to allow you th try to claim for non-authorised treatment from your insurers directly in such circumstances.


Insurance excess Rules

Most policies now have insurance excess. If you have an excess the initial treatment should simply be paid for after each session until your excess is reached at which time the credit terms can be extended.

Please note that the responsibility for fees is always that of the patient. In the event of an invoice dispute or delay in payment we would ask you personally for settlement. You will be receipted so that you can take the matter up with your insurer. Please note that in such circumstances we are not able to deal directly with your insurer as they will only discuss such issues with the policy holder due to GDPR (data protection) rules.

Should you have any further queries please do not hesitate to ask our administrative staff.

Joan Taylor
Practice Manager