Christie Manchester to Blackpool Ride

We gathered early under a grey Manchester sky

Young and old ready to fly

Through country lanes manned by volunteers

To generate funds for our less fortunate peers

Cyclysts hustled in Lycra on carbon frame

Charity riders seeming even more game

A day in the saddle raising pounds, shillings and pence

Join us next year, let’s make a difference

Do you want to go for a ride?

Sid and Paul have entered the Epic West Coast Classic Sportive on Sunday 18th June. The event is 97 miles of cycling but we expect they will make up the additional 3 miles to take it into triple figures!

If you are interested in running or cycling and would like to enter an event with a familiar, friendly face contact the clinic and let us know your discipline, time frame for training and distance and we may be able to make a recommendation and compete with you.

With some events you can attract discounts entering as a group, car sharing is an option and you will have the added bonus of free physio advice on the way round!

Of course, if the mind is willing but the flesh is injured, we have graded treatment and rehabilitation programs, sports massage and exercise classes that can take you from the couch to the finish line in record time!

If there is enough interest it is likely we will start a regular run and cycle meet from the clinic.

Meet Sam

Sam is our lead Sports Therapist.  He graduated with a degree in sports therapy from Edge Hill University, and began his career working in semi-professional football and quickly developed his service into other sports. He combined his sports work with private practice providing services and supporting local Physiotherapy and Chiropractic clinics.

Sam is heavily involved with our sports rehabilitation and post op rehabilitation programs.
In our Wellness Program he co-ordinates and manages the Personal Training Program, Exercise Classes and is involved in our Health Testing program.

As a fully qualified massage therapist, Sam offers both Sports and Swedish massage at the practice.  The benefits of massage include pain relief, muscular relaxation, increased mobility & flexibility, improved posture & circulation, injury prevention, decreased stress and

Appointments are available in time slots of 20 minutes (£18), 40 minutes (£34) and 60 minutes (£42).

He is available Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays.  Please contact the clinic on 0161 773 3034 to make an appointment.

Laura Muir – A new Heroine

European Indoor 1500m and 3000m Champion

Congratulations to Laura Muir a new sporting great – Double European Indoor 1500m & 3000m champion who is a very classy athlete and a credit to her sport & well done for completing your well deserved lap of honour against the odds !

Flexibility Study – Can you help our research project ?

We are in conjunction with Peter Gallagher of DMT Ltd undertaking a flexibility study and need volunteers to take some simple measurements and e mail the results to us at

We simply need an inside leg measurement ( groin to floor at the heel ) and the height achieved on the test described below

Stand and elevate arms to the side to 90 degrees with palms facing forward and thumbs on top. Keep the spine lengthened and maintain a tall posture.

standing facing a wall slowly elevate one leg with your toes pointed as far as you can keeping both legs perfectly straight at the knee and your spine and pelvis straight (in neutral). Gently touch your toe against the wall and note the position you have attained. Measure the height you can attain and record.

If one of your legs bends or you lean backwards or your pelvis tilts you have gone too far and are inadvertently  ‘cheating’ . Many thanks for your help in this which greatly assists our research.

New Service – Our pre match tape job

Struggling to tape your own joints or to apply kinesiology tape correctly ? We can help.


One of our expert physiotherapists or sports therapists can see you in our Saturday morning clinic and apply your tape. It’s a fifteen minute job at most which gets you on the way to your match and the cost is only £ 10 which includes the tape !


Why not include a pre – match sports massage to really get you in the zone – see website for details.

New – Our Weekend Pre-participation Sports Massage

Sam Gittins

Our  specialist sports masseur Sam Gittins BSc has started a new service for all you weekend warriors. Treat yourself like a pro with a pre-event sports massage to really loosen up those muscles and tight tissues and to enhance your performance.

Sam offer this service on a Saturday morning – first come first served. Simply telephone reception on 0161 773 3034 to book

Sessions are priced at £18 for a twenty minute session or £22 for a thirty minute session

Kids – A good way to check your flexibility

If you are a budding sports star read this.  As kids grow, particularly in the growth spurt when the bones get longer the soft tissues and muscles don’t grow as quickly and become tight. One week you can be flexible and the next you have tightened up. Tight muscles are injured more easily and slow you down for example chopping your stride length.

This simple test used by professionals can help you monitor your flexibility. Sit with your legs straight and reach forward to your toes, reach as far as you can and ask someone to measure the distance from your finger tips to your toes after you have held the position for 5 secs. Repeat every week and write on your calendar – simple !