Flexibility Study – Can you help our research project ?

We are in conjunction with Peter Gallagher of DMT Ltd undertaking a flexibility study and need volunteers to take some simple measurements and e mail the results to us at prestwich@physioclinics.co.uk.

We simply need an inside leg measurement ( groin to floor at the heel ) and the height achieved on the test described below

Stand and elevate arms to the side to 90 degrees with palms facing forward and thumbs on top. Keep the spine lengthened and maintain a tall posture.

standing facing a wall slowly elevate one leg with your toes pointed as far as you can keeping both legs perfectly straight at the knee and your spine and pelvis straight (in neutral). Gently touch your toe against the wall and note the position you have attained. Measure the height you can attain and record.

If one of your legs bends or you lean backwards or your pelvis tilts you have gone too far and are inadvertently  ‘cheating’ . Many thanks for your help in this which greatly assists our research.